Thursday, May 25, 2006


So it has been a few weeks with my newly purchased DDO. I now have a 2nd level Rogue (Finious) and a 1st level Pally (Tanaka). The great thing about this game is that each class is necessary for each quest.
I ran the same quests that I already ran through with the Rogue and had a completely different experience with the Pally. Both times it was freakin' great. I hooked up with a PUG and they were great...come to think about it, every PUG I ran with thus far has been great. The players in this game take it very serious. So many times I have been the guy looking for the quest-giver while the rest of the group is already in the dungeon. Sure enough, one of them comes out to get me and show me where to get the quest without complaining or bitching at all. It is such a nice change from WoW for me.
I was part of the "Stress Test" a few months ago and came away with a bad taste in my mouth...think my quote was "It is very much like Elder Scrolls with a hint of Tomb Raider3". I decided not to purchase it... this was before the free 7 day trial. Hey, if they want to let me play for free, cool. Sure enough, after my 7 day trial, I found myself really looking forward to playing. Keeping in mind that I have been playing PnP D+D for about 25 years, so I was very very critical of this so called D+D Online. After 2 weeks of playing, I think this game is better than WoW... which is a bold F'in statement because WoW is a great game (played it for almost 1yr). That's right, you heard me... DDO is better than WoW. Play the 7 day trial and make your own decision. How could you not enjoy dungeon adventure with traps, puzzles, and gore... oh my.

Scamo out.

(P.S. I will be posting the NEXT toon to correspond to this post. So start hyperventilating in excitement! -Oats)


Pilfro said...

Im not prepared to say that DDo is better just yet. I remember what I thought of WoW and UO after only a few hours of play...Both great games IMO.

That said; I knew straight out within 5 minutes of SWG that that game blew Fred Murtz.

DDO feels like PnP DND to me so far, and I agree with scamo on the community being great.
So far so good!


Scamo said...

I said it and I'll say it again... DDO pwns WoW.