Thursday, June 01, 2006


Well I finished this book the other day, it was a run away hit in the 80s....but then so were parachute pants and Bryan Adams
I didn’t buy it; I don’t think the author was lying. I just think he has something going on in the old noggin that isn’t right....see "beautiful mind."

He doesn’t mention it, but I’m pretty sure he was named after the Whitley from "Another World"
Which is very strange since he is much older then her. But I’m sure it has something to do with time travel or something else he mentions in his book that makes no sense to the skeptic.

He makes a lot of mention on how the aliens are warning him about the hole in the ozone and nuclear war....I went on his web site and now his theme seems to be the evils of religion's(mid east war) convenient now that nuclear war with the Soviet Union is no longer an issue.

That said the book was a good read for the most part, and if you’re more open minded you might enjoy it more then me. C+


Scamo said...

What are these "books" you speak of?

Pilfro said...

You're such a prole!

Scamo said...

I got off parole a year ago.