Friday, June 16, 2006

DDO and why it is great...

Ok let's list some things we Like about DDO.
-The lack of sequential quests
-Fact that the monsters can see and/or hear you.
-Loving the city.
-Dungeon crawl quests 4TW.
-A rogue getting to actually do rogue stuff.
-The PUGs are mature.

Pilfro's reasons...
I like the feeling of being in one part of a big world,that will grow over time.
Eventually all the lands will be added. However I think they will always be instanced.....I dont think you will get on a horse and travel to the next city...but maybe.
The total mileage of storm reach is huge. If you take in dung space and all the houses market place...etc Its a lot bigger then it looks.

Oats' reason(s)
I like boobies...


Scamo said...

For some unknown reason, Oats won't admit that he actually likes DDO. He has been so brainwashed by the pastels and hours of in-game-travel-time wasted. They have him convinced that it is a good thing to spend your evening searching for some root in some far away land.
I now realize that I only played WoW because DDO didn't exist yet. Now that it does, WoW seems like an X-girlfriend that gave me crabs. Everytime I get a quest and only have to go 30 seconds down a street to find the entrance, I remember that DDO is the cool, releaving cream that cures crabs.
DDO RULES, WoW drools!!

RocknOats said...

I still like WoW better. :p