Monday, July 10, 2006

We'll take it as a compliment

Recently, after debuting one of our comics on a popular artist community site for everyone's enjoyment and some critiques, we were told that our strip resembled a poor rip-off of Penny Arcade. Granted, we all enjoy that comic and have probably read them all. I won't sit and defend our work and nitpick out all the differences between ours and theirs, but I would like to make one point: THIS IS WHAT WE REALLY LOOK LIKE. Any physical resemblance between our characters and theirs is our parents fault. I draw what I see. Anyhoo here's the latest!

As an extra added bonus for being so late with this week's post, here's what the comic would have looked like if we were accused of ripping off the classic french comic "Tintin". Enjoy...

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Scamo said...

Lets just go with the Frenchie comic from now on.